Focus Groups

In mostly target group-specific focus groups, we discuss attitudes, explore behavior, carve out needs, or evaluate concepts. Focus groups thrive on group-dynamic processes, on ideas of individuals being picked up by others, or on controversial discussions that help to illuminate and understand the research topic from different perspectices.


In-depth (One-on-One) Interviews

In-depth interviews are particularly suitable for topics

  • in which focus groups, based on social desirability,  would inhibit the openness and impartiality of participants. 
  • in which individual ratings of uninfluenced participants are important.

In explorative one-on-one discussions we find out lifestyle habits, usage motives and needs.

Ethnographic Interviews

We always recommend ethnographic interviews if it is particularly important for the research question to get to know the consumer or user in his real living environment. We visit the respective participants at home and:

  • See how the product is integrated into their everyday lives
  • Watch their usage habits
  • Explore specifically based on observations
  • Accompany them at different touch points along the customer journey.

(Online) Diaries

Our clients can benefit from diaries in different ways:


  • Online with mobile app: Diary as an ethnographic perspective. Selfies, photo documentation of the home environment, family life or everyday experiences: We work with online diaries based on user friendly mobile app solutions.
  • Esp. Paper Pencil: Diary to prepare for the topic. Participants of the study deal with the topic before the individual interview or focus group. This helps them to come to the interview prepared and engaged.
  • Paper Pencil or Online: Diary for documenting habits. Participants can document their routines and activities. This is helpful as sometimes consumers (usually unintentionally) misjudge their own habits and give incorrect descriptions in the further discussion without a preparatory diary.