Dr. Sandra Klee-Patsavas


With great curiosity about people and correlations I'm an enthusiastic qualitative market researcher. For many years, I have managed international basic and ad hoc studies for notable qualitative market research institutes and accompanied customers in the user-centered development process. Then finally our sense for entrepreneurship called us to found the MOVE Research and Consulting GmbH.



Konstantin Patsavas


As an industrial engineer and experienced purchasing manager with global responsibility in the automotive and industrial sector, I know the value of reliable partners and suppliers. For our own company, I now passionately take care of the international network of service providers, so that it meets the quality and cost requirements which we stand up straight for our customers. I know how the industrial sectors "tick" and support our customers to get answers to their questions.

Together We Are a Team

In our private lives, we teamed up over 20 years ago. Today, we combine our strengths in our joint business MOVE. Together we are simply more than the sum of our individual parts. For us, 1 + 1 equals 2 + x.

And What Does MOVE Mean? 

The name MOVE fits us well as we keep moving, always looking for challenges and new impulses. After some research on genealogy, we also know why this is: "Patsavas" is a Greek name derivation of the French "Passe-avant" (= move forward). During the Frankish period in Peloponnese in the 13th century, Baron Jean de Neuilly built the castle "Passavas" in Southern Peloponnese.