This is MOVE

The beginnings

MOVE Research & Consulting GmbH was founded in 2019 by
Dr. Sandra Klee-Patsavas and Konstantin Patsavas as a qualitative market research institute.



In the meantime we have extended our method portfolio by many quantitative methods and are now a comprehensive full-service institute.

In April 2022 we moved into new, airy offices in Gröbenzell near Munich, 20 minutes by train from downtown Munich.

Since December 2022, we are proud TISAX® participants and hereby assure that we have taken extensive measures to protect sensitive information and secure data.

The Founders

Dr. Sandra Klee-Patsavas

  • PhD in American Studies at the JGU Mainz
  • Since 2007 lead of ad hoc and basic studies in renowned institutes; consumer research throughout product development
  • Expertise in automotive, health tech and software
  • In 2019 founding of MOVE Research and Consulting GmbH; qualitative market research

Konstantin Patsavas

  • Graduation in Industrial Engineering at the TH Bingen
  • Since 2005 proven track record in strategic purchasing; senior manager in well-known industrial companies.
  • Expertise in mechanical engineering, electronics and automotive
  • In 2019 founding of MOVE Research and Consulting GmbH; quantitative market research


And What Does MOVE Mean? 

The name MOVE fits us well as we keep moving, always looking for challenges and new impulses. After some research on genealogy, we also know why this is: "Patsavas" is a Greek name derivation of the French "Passe-avant" (= move forward). During the Frankish period in Peloponnese in the 13th century, Baron Jean de Neuilly built the castle "Passavas" in Southern Peloponnese.