• "Das Fahrzeug der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten.“ In: Planung & Analyse Online, 13. Juni 2018.
    • Smart cars have the potential to revolutionize driving. Artificial intelligence and voice control can create a true added value for its users and has the power to change lifestyles.
  • “Powerpoint war gestern.” In: Planung & Analyse, 03/2016.
    • How to implement consumer insights with Insight Action Workshops.
    • Methodological abstract
  •  “Peering into the Future.” In: Research World, 03/2008.
    • Marketers need to address the downside of globalisation and what it means for brand management.
    • Two-stage, qualitative Delphi method




  • "Von Wohnzimmern und Elfenbeintürmen. Warum ein Insight Action Workshop hilft." At Research & Results Messe in Munich, 2017.
    • About Living Rooms and Ivory Towers: The Benefit of Insight Action Workshops.
  • “Changing Values, Changing Radio?” At Radio Days in Copenhagen, 2011.
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